About the Journal

After long preparations that began with the establishment of the Faculty of Defectology of University of Tuzla in 1993, the first issue of the journal "Defectology" appeared in 1995 as a unique journal in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Journal was distributed to its users and readers with the note emphasizing it is a journal for special education, pedagogical, psychological, social and medical issues of theory and practice of working with children, youth and adults with disabilities. Articles in the journal dealt with the accumulated questions and problems that people with disabilies have, authored by special education teachers, medical doctors, social workers, as well as other experts of different expertise who previously have not had a journal of similar type and purpose. First issue was printed in 300 copies.
As the first journal with such a pedagogical and medical orientation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it immediately began to prefer professional and scientific works in the domain of special education theory and practice and to be widely open to all authors, regardless of where they come from and being open not only to domestic but also to foreign authors.

In 2018, there has been introduced a new edition of the journal Defectology with a changed title, Research in Education and Rehabilitation.
The development of educational and rehabilitational science, theory and practice, as well as a fundamental change in the social perception of disability phenomenon, have resulted in transforming the name of Science of Defectology into Educational and Rehabilitational Science. Consequently, there existed a need for terminological alignment of the journal title with the name of the science whose theoretical knowledge and empirical research results were presented in it.
The first two issues of the journal Research in Education and Rehabilitation contain papers that were presented at the 1st International scientific and professional conference "SUSTAIN 2018 - Sustainable support services - perspectives and challenges", organized by the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation of the University of Tuzla and Association for Human Rights and Social Inclusion "SocI" Tuzla in cooperation with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich (Germany), University Clinical Center Tuzla, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tuzla and the World University Service of Bosnia and Herzegovina from September 26-28, 2018 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.