Theology of muslim's practical acting - islam and persons with disabilities


  • Damir Babajić


The book entitled „Teology of Practical Action of Muslims – Islam and Persons with Disabilities“ is comprised of, besides introduction, of seven chapters in which it deals with themes significant in terms of words and deeds synthesis. Book was created on the foundations of the scientific work of dr. Babajić. Through his personal experience with disability, he attempted to scientifically valorize the phenomenon of disability, on one hand, and through the prism of Islam on the other hand. The focus of the book is on topics that deal with the pastoral activity of Muslims, where the autor, along with theoretical explanations, especially deals with and gives importance to the basics of the practical activity of Muslims expressed in the Quran and the Sunnah. Texts were revised systematically, they are logical, simple, understandable and readable. The title of the book corresponds to contents and themes of the book. Subjects worked in the book are useful for population of persons with disabilities, as the author provides evidence from basic sources of Islam for all of his thoughts and writings, pointing out the equality of all. Literature list is substantial and it is represented by 254 relevant domestic and foreign publications. In his manuscript, dr. Damir Bajric paid particular attention, from a religious and theological perspective, to practical action towards people with disabilities, especially pointing out value of advising and other forms of religious activity towards people with disability. This topic has been neglected and not researched in theological expression in Bosnian language until now and this manuscript will represent a significant source in the area of theology, especially in the field of theology of morals and integrative bioethics for future research in this area.


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